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We are a group of students in the UC Davis athletic community passionate about fostering LGBTQIA+ inclusion and eliminating heterosexism and cissexism in sports. We believe that when athletes, fans, coaches, and others in the athletic community can be their whole selves, they can experience the full impact and beauty of sport. Join us in creating change and celebrating our differences.

about us

Allyship: The action of working to end oppression through the support of, and as an advocate with and for, a group other than one’s own (From the LGBTQIA Resource Center at UC Davis)

We are a diverse group of student-athletes at the ICA, club, and intramural levels, staff, trainers, and fans. We believe that sport has the power to build lasting connections and shape communities, as long as there is an equal playing field.

We empower folks to become change-makers through advocacy, education, and events. Together, we can create a more inclusive, positive athletic experience for all and set the standards for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in college athletics across the nation.

Anyone who is a UC Davis student or affiliate is encouraged to join, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, or knowledge of the LGBTQIA+ community.

See our events tab for upcoming meetings and be sure to join our mailing list for future updates. Reach out to any one of our Team members or "Contact Us" for any questions or suggestions.

OUR mission

Established January 2018 - Our Club Constitution

  1. To create a safe environment for athletes, coaches, administrators, and fans of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions,  

  2. To support LGBTQIA+ persons in the athletic community,  

  3. To educate athletes and coaches about LGBTQIA+ issues, and,

  4. To build and maintain strong ties between the athletic and LGBTQIA+ communities.


We are an official UC Davis Club and Student-Athlete Resource Group. We are affiliated with the on-campus LGBTQIA Center and UC Davis Athletics. We are one of 20 college chapters of the Non-Profit Organization Athlete Ally.

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